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q&a about the tour

some things i'm sure you want to know

who can come

The tour is designed specifically for Jehovah's Witnesses. Take note that this is a walking tour. If you have any medical conditions, physical limitations or children, please let me know immediately when you contact me.


The duration of the tour is approximately 4 hours. No meals are included in the program, so I typically arrange to meet groups at 10am or 3pm. If there is another time that works better for your group please include those details in your message, and we can see if that can be accommodated.


I am able to provide tours in Italian, English and Romanian. If you, or another member of your group, are planning to translate for a portion of your group, please consider doing so simultaneously. Otherwise, pausing to allow for translation will require double the time...


No, you do not need any tickets. This is an outside walking tour, and does not include entering the Colosseum, museums or any other place that require the purchase of a ticket.

how much does it cost?

I am not a professional tour guide. I use part of my free time to tour only for friends. There is therefore no price for the tour. Any donation is greatly appreciated.

what do you need

please bring with you


Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses in warmer months, and an umbrella if it's raining. Is this just common sense? It is! But sometimes we forget things so "better safe than sorry"

jw app

We will read passages from the Bible so the best option is to bring your phone or tablet to have easy access to scriptures using our amazing JW app.

water bottle

Rome has many water fountains throughout the city with free, fresh, clean, ancient water! Bring your bottle and you can refill it whenever you need!

good mood

You're on vacation! We will see Rome, discuss the Bible and the history of our brothers from the past and modern times. Relax and enjoy this fascinating time together. What more could you ask for?

what we'll see

but it's not everything
titus arch
venezia square

The Colosseum

Well, we couldn’t skip this right! Do you really know the name of this building? What about its history, the money used to build it and what really happened inside its walls?

The arch of Titus

Why is this arch called “of Titus”? Did Titus build it? Why is so important for us to know its history? We’ll use the Bible here, get ready!

Piazza Venezia

“Hey brother, this is a modern building, what’s the point?” You’re right, no prophecies here, no verses to read from the Bible BUT, you’ll see there is a reason why we briefly stop here…